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Like you, we care about the future of our industry and innovations that meet our clients’ unique and ever-changing needs. Maxine Leopards is your connection to cutting-edge products, training and technology, so you can care for your clients and keep them coming back.

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Maxine Leopards selects only the most cutting edge, high-quality products available for aesthetics professionals, like you. Enjoy return on your investment for many years to come as clients come back again and again for your specialty service offerings.

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PRX Derm Perfexion

Ditch the needles and invasive procedures with this 4-step, non-invasive facial treatment that leaves skin hydrated and smooth. Clients can enjoy the bright, painless, pore-minimizing results of PRX DermPerfexion’s facial peel all year round!

PRX DermPerfexion creates the rejuvenated, natural look that clients love, using state of the art, non-invasive technology. 

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Explore SylfirmX, the first and only FDA-cleared dual-wave radiofrequency micro needling device. SylfirmX produces the ultimate skin rejuvenation results.

SylfirmX RFMN doesn’t impact healthy vessels and pigmentation, and acts as a multi-functional tool for aesthetic providers. 

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CO2Lift Pro

Introducing CO2Lift Pro, a medical-grade carboxytherapy treatment for face, eyes, neck, and body.


CO2LIFTPro Carboxy Gel mask is an in-office and at-home treatment that acts as an ‘’IV for the skin” delivering a rush of carbon dioxide to the application site.

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Progressive aesthetic solutions that help you care for your clients and help grow your business

Maxine Leopards is your expert solution for all things aesthetic! We research and connect you with cutting edge-technology, products and training to empower and enlighten your team, so that you can provide the best client care possible. We showcase a selection of products on the market today that we believe will support your aesthetics business for years to come. 

«Clients that visit your office deserve the best treatment available. That's why product exploration should be front and center in the mind of every aesthetic provider.»



Photo Courtesy: Dr. Randy B. Miller, MD

Sylfirm X uses Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse (RP) microneedling to reduce the look of abnormal pigmentation of the dermal layers and vessels with minimum pain or down time for patients. The client pictured experienced a huge reduction in visible scars and hyper-pigmentation associated with acne.

PRX Derm Perfexion

Photo Courtesy: Love Beauty Professional

WiQo PRX-T33 uses a patented formula that rehydrates the skin, improving texture and restoring elasticity to damaged or aging skin. This client enjoyed a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with firmer, less puffy skin. 


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