Miracu PDO Threads


Miracu PDO Threads

Miracu Polydioxanone (PDO) threads give you and your client a non-surgical and scar-tissue-free way of generating a subtle lift while also boosting the production of collagen.

Available with the highest FDA clearance

Miracu PDO threads are the first to get 510k FDA clearance for a pre-loaded PDO thread with a designation for soft tissue approximation. Clients love Miracu PDO’s long lasting results without the discomfort and recovery time of a full facelift. This skin-threading product lifts sagging or aged skin with non-surgical skin treatments that last up to one year.

    • Threads double-molded by heatless press-sculpting
    • Joint venture with DongBang Medical, world’s largest manufacturer of cannulas (including acupuncture needles) and PDO
    • Thin-wall, micro-polished cannulas for flexibility, less discomfort, and more diameter to inject viscous solutions
    • 16-line mesh thread which can be used with filler
    • New Forte Fix, for extra-robust fixation

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