Mizzi RX: Post-Care Protocols

mizzi rx after-care skincare protocol

Mizzi RX: Post-Care Protocols

The Mizzi movement is happening now! Get inspired by a premier post-procedure experience that REDEFINES post-care with safe, good-for-you, and good-for-the-planet superheroine ingredients. 

When it comes to restoring balance for the skin and shortening healing time, the Mizzi Cosmetics Uplift and Hydraluxe lines are carefully formulated to minimize the common side effects of MedSpa treatments. With antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in many of the products, you can give your clients safe and effective care especially following procedures like:

    • Botox
    • Lip filler
    • Laser hair removal
    • Dermabrasion facials
    • Waxing
    • Threading

Safe, Faster Outcomes Aftercare for Lips and Skin

Mizzi’s Post-Care Protocols reduce downtime, swelling, and discomfort while extending treatment results. Each Mizzi product is formulated with ingredients that impact cell regeneration, restore cell health, and long-term sustainable wellness of the skin.

For both immediate care and maintaining the post-procedure look, Hydraluxe shortens healing time and maintains the longevity of lip care. 

  • No parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, dyes, or chemical sunscreen filters
    Make your brand stand out with private labeling
  • 2-step treatment that shortens healing time and reduces discomfort
  • Soothe post-treatment lips and help results last longer 
  • Exfoliate, hydrate, and keep skin glowing 
  • Improve cellular restoration and revitalize skin with rose hydrosol, blue tansy, & calendula
  • Shorten healing time, and reduce discomfort and bruising post-procedure
  • Reduce fine lines and slow signs of aging on the hands and face

Ready to elevate and expand your aesthetics practice?

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