Welcome Aboard Darby Koh and the whole team at Koh Aesthetics!

Thank you for choosing Maxine Leopards™ LLC for your Sylfirm X and SmartLux device provider.  At Maxine Leopards™ LLC you’ve got a team committed to your success.  On this page, you’ll find your personalized onboarding journey map to guide you through the process and provide you with the tools to kick-start your marketing and device launch.

Journey Map

Your Task List

  • Schedule a Zoom call for your SEO & Marketing Quick Start review in the next 5-10 days so that we can discuss your SEO review and recommendations. Let me know possible dates and times.
  • Coordinate a kickoff date for staff onboarding as soon as possible. Let me know some date and time options.
    ○ Didactic training
    ○ Resource training
    ○ Planning for the launch
  • Coordinate a date for your Launch Party – if you’d like to have one; otherwise, I will provide you with your choice of marketing materials, up to $500 (see the provider portals for options).
  • Schedule an IG live if you’d like me to participate in this with you. It’s usually 10-15 minutes, and I’ll coach you through it.
  • Plan for delivery day – We will get the information in about a week, and delivery usually takes place about a week after that. I will be there to take delivery except in an extreme circumstance.
    ○ Installation (that’s just me)
    ○ User orientation & device training (about an hour)
  • Plan for Benev’s onsite clinical training (4 hours)

      Key Dates

      • Order submitted – 
      • Payment received – 
      •  Device delivery date –
      • Device install date –
      • Staff kickoff – 
      • SEO Review meeting (online) 
      • IG Live (optional)
      • Launch party (optional)
      • Benev Phase I — Onboarding Session: Sylfirm X 1st Virtual On-Demand Training (coordinated by Benev) 

      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 

      • Benev Phase 2 — Onsite clinical training  (4 hours w/lunch provided)
      • Benev Phase 3 — Sylfirm X Advanced Training
      • Benev Phase 4 — Optimize Session: Sylfirm X 2nd Virtual ZOOM Training (coordinated by Benev)
      • Deadline to purchase the extended warranty: approximately MONTH, DAY, YEAR (Customer may purchase an Extended Warranty (12 months) no later than 5 days prior to expiry of the previous warranty period at the current price, which is subject to increase depending on the period of usage. This manufacturer warranty does not cover the following:  Natural aging and normal wear and tear; Device damage due to improper storage; Device damage due to improper usage; Devices that are repaired or changed without the Manufacturer’s confirmation.

      ⭐️Bookmark THESE Provider Portal Links

        Bookmark these sites, and share them with your staff (they are not password-protected). These are your provider portals for SylfirmX and for Exosomes. Encourage everyone to become familiar with the resources here.


        Download Instructions

        The digital assets noted in the groupings below are yours to download and use to launch your SylfirmX journey.  They are designed to get you started and most items are customizable.

        The documents are housed in our Google Drive and users have VIEW ONLY access.  DO NOT REQUEST EDIT ACCESS.

        If you’d like to customize any of the documents, you can simply download them and add them to your own Google Drive where they will be yours to keep forever.  If you prefer to edit documents in Microsoft Word, Google Drive allows you to download the document into a .docx format for use in Word.

        download instructions


        How To

        ✅ Order consumables (tips)
        ✅ Reorder patient brochures


        SEO Tools

        ✅ SEO Overview
        ✅ Local SEO Guide
        ✅ Online Directory Listing
        ✅ Online Maps

        Pricing Examples

        ✅ Sylfirm X pricing
        ✅ Exosomes pricing
        ✅ Sylfirm X Northeast pricing

        Social Media

        ✅ Square Post Templates
        ✅ Hashtags helper + FREE tool
        ✅ IG accounts to follow


        Content Tools

        ✅ Keywords by search vols
        ✅ Koh Aesthetics keyword data
        ✅ Koh Aesthetics organic search vols


        Landing Page Assets

        ✅ Sylfirm X

        We provide you with the content, structure, and images so that you may have your developer quickly add a landing page to your existing website. 


        Patient Brochure

        ✅ Benev’s Customizable patient Brochure (you can customize the center back panel yourself)
        ✅ Branded brochure PDF – your logo + contact info already added. Just download and print as needed.


        Email Sequence

        ✅ Intro & teaser
        ✅ The power…
        ✅ The science…
        ✅ Real results…
        ✅ Advantages of….
        ✅ Join the path…
        ✅ Exclusive offer
        ✅ Claim your offer
        ✅ Launch party invitation


        Launch Party

        ✅ Social media posts

        **COMING SOON**